What I’ve Learned

I have learned a lot of things during my two and a half weeks during Composition and New Media. I have learned what a podcast actually is. I also learned how to create a podcast by using Audacity to record my voice. Not only that, but i also figured out how to use Final Cut Pro to create videos. Not only how to use new software, but I have also seen the effects of technology on everyone and what it does to our minds. These new lessons I learned are things I could use in the future whether academically or just for entertainment. This class leaves me with a thought about how technology will continue to affect us and whether it will get better or worse.

Composition and Media

I have learned a lot from this class over the two and a half weeks. I’ve learned about using Audacity to create pod casts and using Final Cut Pro to edit videos. Also what had interested me was seeing how addicted everyone is to technology. Not only that people are using it as a way to find a shortcut to finish assignments or to multi-task between work, emailing, and social networking. At the same time I do see how we are wired to technology. The reason for it is that as we use technology, our reading and writing skills are decaying to the point  that some people can’t finish a book matter the fact even type a decent essay.


In Composition and New Media this year, I learned a lot about editing things. We learned how to use audacity, which is like a podcast editing program. My group created a podcast on New Brunswick High School sports and shared it with the class. Towards the end we started working on our video. Our video is on our local River. To edit our video we used Final Cut Pro, basically we mainly learned how to work with our computers.


In Comp. & New Media

What I learned in this class is what podcasts were and how they were made. Now ever since, I know that podcasts weren’t just a button on iTunes but are people that talk about a subject or something important. Also it was a great experience having to make a podcast with some of my peers. What I also learned in this class is how to use final cut and how to edit our own videos in ways that we wanted them to be like. This class was a good class and it helped me learn new programs to use to make our own videos and music. I was very interested in this class since I’m all into the media and making videos.

What I learned in New Media Class

In New Media Class at Rutgers I learned how to use final cut. Final cut is a program that you use to edit your videos and audios. Also i learned how to make a documentary and narrative videos its alot easier than it seems. In class the teacher taught us how to make blogs and podcasts that was very interesting because I saw it alot on the internet and podcasts on itunes but never thought i could make one. Also we recorded videos and i learned how to use audacity which is a audio recording program.

My Experiences In Composition and New Media

This past weeks i have learned so many things in composition and new media. One of those things was the importance of technology and how technology has their advantages and disadvantages. By reading those articles we learned and were judges on how all those things were true, how technology is taking over the world. Podcast and doing the videos was a good experience and fun, we had the chance to get to know each other. The final project was kind of scary because we had to do a video, but at the end it came out great and we had fun and learned. Last but not least we had the change to explore how to edit a video.