Q & A – digital media


1. What would your life be without social networking?
2. How many times do you use a social networking site in your everyday life and why?
3. How would you feel if you woke up in a time period where there was no technology?


1. Without social networking would be extremely boring. I wouldn’t be able to meet people in different areas, I would be restricted to only knowing people in my town.
2. During my everyday life, I am constantly on a social networking site. Whether its tumblr, instagram, twitter or facebook I am always in touch with my friends and family.
3. If I woke up in a time period with no technology I would feel lost. Wouldn’t know how to function, because my whole life is surrounded by the internet.

People who made the questions up: Carolina, Mary, Yavonne

Person who answered: Bria

Photo by mmotrafficde4


One thought on “Q & A – digital media

  1. In today’s generation technology is a huge part of everyday life. Most people wouldn’t be able to survive without it. There are many people who have no power for a short period of time and yet feel like there life is over. Technology is something that I personally feel controls peoples lives and is something that becomes some what adictive. Technology is a enormous factor in the world today that makes simple things even easier. Technology is a crutch used by people and it makes people unfunctionable.

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