Technology Taking Over Our Lives

1. What’s your opinion on the use of technology in our daily lives?
My opinion is that it’s bad to have technology in our daily lives because there are people who spend their whole time on it and students use technology for not so good purposes. For example, in school they can take a test and maybe use their phones to cheat. They could also be using phones daily all the time and could start losing their vision from using it too much and the brightness of the screen.

2. Do you believe that technology might take over schools one day?
Yes, I do believe that technology might take over schools one day because now people are starting to use the internet to take classes. I believe that in the future people would just have to go online and take classes and then they’re “school” day would be over. There would also be no more books since we would just read books from little iPads.

3. What do you think a life without technology would be like?
I honestly think life would be hard because we use a lot of technology to communicate with each other. For example, there are people who are immigrants and use phones to communicate with each other from different countries. Also, we use technologies (such as machines) to build houses or big buildings.

Asked Questions: Yocelin Camacho & Melissa Santiago

Answered Questions: Guadalupe Campos

Photo by edenpictures


5 thoughts on “Technology Taking Over Our Lives

  1. I agree with Guadalupe Campos when he says life will be hard without technology. I believe it will be hard because people need to communicate with their friends and family especially if their family and friends live far away from them. Its important to stay in touch with others that way you don’t miss out on anything.

    • this is so true we are all so used to technology and we all have learned to depend on it so much that i don’t 4thonk we will ever be able to live without it . technology such as out phones, computers, and music other devices are a big part of our live. We wake up and go to sleep with our devices. we cant survive without them , at least i know i cant. When i think back of the years we didn’t have these devices i get sad and wonder how i survived without them.

  2. I agree with number one because the usage of technology can be dangerous for teens. Technology is away to inform people of bad and good things. This problem cannot be so dangerous if parents are more responsible for the safety of their kids. Kids are in a risk when they enter the internet such as social networks. Eventually technology is going to take over the world because now everywhere you go you need to know how to use the computer such as applying for something.

  3. Life without technology would be natural. When i say natural i mean plane and simple.without technology people wouldn’t be able to to do the things we do in our everyday lives such as tweeting, texting, messaging and using the internet.people wouldn’t be able to communicate as far as we do. But at the same time anything is technology. pen and paper is technology so at the end of the day we will never be without technology.

  4. I agree with Guadalupe when he says life would be hard without technology, because if we didn’t have like cell phones, or computers and stuff we wouldn’t be able to communicate with people far away. Without computers certain jobs will be harder, we would have to actually hand write our articles and essays. Technology isn’t really that big of an infidelity.

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