Technology !

Asking Questions: Eliezer Romero & Johnny Davila

1. How do you use technology in your daily life?
2. What would life be to you without technology in your opinion?
3. If you had to decide between technology and nature, what would it be and why?

Answering Questions: Jesmarly Espinal

1. I use technology to communicate and interact with others. I rely on technology in many ways.
2. Life without technology to me will be a disaster. Technology is important. Without technology I wont be able to communicate or interact with others.
3. If I had to decide between technology and nature it would be nature because of technology you can lose a lot of experience throughout the world. Technology is used a lot by many people but the more people spend on technology the less time they experience the world in person. Technology is taking power over nature that is what I believe.

(Photo by Enokson)


4 thoughts on “Technology !

  1. I agree with the answer to number 3, because I also believe that technology is taking away the beauty of nature, and that we need to take a second and look around and see hoe beautiful nature really is.

  2. I agree with Jesmarly when she said that she would pick nature over technology. People are moving toward technology and moving away from nature. If people could get more in tune with nature then they could worry about more important things instead of their cell phone or laptop battery.

  3. I agree with your response to question number 3 :] Technology is taking over our minds and leading us away from nature…we need to experience more of the beautiful nature that surrounds us!

  4. I agree with all the answers to all the questions asked. What caught my attention was question and answer to number 3. More and more people just rely on the social networks and meeting new people there than in the actual world seeing them in person . People stay stuck on the internet or there phones and don’t pay attention on what goes on the outside and how beautiful the world looks. Technology is taking a lot of time of our lives and can destroy our minds

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