The importances of techonology

How many times you use technology a day?(Yama)
– I use technology a lot each day, it’s hard to keep count. Whether it’s waking up using alarm clock in my cell phone or using my computer to check my emails, technology is pretty important in my day to day life.


Can you stop using technology for a while and how would it affect it?(Yadira)
– I don’t think I’d be able to live without technology completely, maybe without a computer or a cell phone for a few hours. But, I feel like I’ve become so dependent on technology that I wouldn’t be able to survive. (Dimitry)

What would you do without technology? (Yadira & Yama) 
– Without technology, I would probably not know what to do with my time and how to do certain tasks. It would be interesting to see how the world would function without technology for a day. (Dimitry)

By Dnikolos


2 thoughts on “The importances of techonology

  1. I agree with this blog. Most of the day everyone is either on their smart phone or on a laptop/computer. Even if we were to cut technology out of our life, it will only last for a few hours since we are too dependent on technology.

  2. I agree with your idea that people have become so addicted, for lack of a better word, to technology that it would be hard for them to get through the day without it. But I think that people can get through a day without technology if they really tried.

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