What I’ve Learned

I have learned a lot of things during my two and a half weeks during Composition and New Media. I have learned what a podcast actually is. I also learned how to create a podcast by using Audacity to record my voice. Not only that, but i also figured out how to use Final Cut Pro to create videos. Not only how to use new software, but I have also seen the effects of technology on everyone and what it does to our minds. These new lessons I learned are things I could use in the future whether academically or just for entertainment. This class leaves me with a thought about how technology will continue to affect us and whether it will get better or worse.


New Brunswick Sports Podcast

Podcast By: Yvonne Gorrell, Jordan Bennett, Romi Patel

Our podcast is about the sports of New Brunswick High School. It is mostly about the scores and games of the teams like the basketball and baseball teams.

Podcast Here

The Influence of technology on modern life

How do you use technology to create plans for the day? (Romi)
I mainly use technology to talk to my friends online and to meet up with them at a certain location. (Jordan)

How do you think technology has impacted social lives? (Thompson)
Technology has helped improve my social live by connecting with friends that are in different countries or towns. (Jordan)

Does technology make your life easier or harder and how? (Romi)
Technology for the most does help make my life easier. One of the ways is that it makes it much easier to research projects as well as obtain information on events. (Jordan)

Photo by AMagill