Podcasts – A New Media

Before taking Composition and New Media I had no idea what a podcast was, I would always see it in in iTunes but I never knew what it was supposed to do. In this class I learned that a Podcast is a type of audio digital media that anyone can use to get their ideas and opinions on different topics out there. I learned how to take an audio recording and how to fix it or add more things, like music, to my liking. It was a very interesting experience, one that I never expected but enjoyed either way.


Technology Taking Over Our Lives

1. What’s your opinion on the use of technology in our daily lives?
My opinion is that it’s bad to have technology in our daily lives because there are people who spend their whole time on it and students use technology for not so good purposes. For example, in school they can take a test and maybe use their phones to cheat. They could also be using phones daily all the time and could start losing their vision from using it too much and the brightness of the screen.

2. Do you believe that technology might take over schools one day?
Yes, I do believe that technology might take over schools one day because now people are starting to use the internet to take classes. I believe that in the future people would just have to go online and take classes and then they’re “school” day would be over. There would also be no more books since we would just read books from little iPads.

3. What do you think a life without technology would be like?
I honestly think life would be hard because we use a lot of technology to communicate with each other. For example, there are people who are immigrants and use phones to communicate with each other from different countries. Also, we use technologies (such as machines) to build houses or big buildings.

Asked Questions: Yocelin Camacho & Melissa Santiago

Answered Questions: Guadalupe Campos

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The importances of techonology

How many times you use technology a day?(Yama)
– I use technology a lot each day, it’s hard to keep count. Whether it’s waking up using alarm clock in my cell phone or using my computer to check my emails, technology is pretty important in my day to day life.


Can you stop using technology for a while and how would it affect it?(Yadira)
– I don’t think I’d be able to live without technology completely, maybe without a computer or a cell phone for a few hours. But, I feel like I’ve become so dependent on technology that I wouldn’t be able to survive. (Dimitry)

What would you do without technology? (Yadira & Yama) 
– Without technology, I would probably not know what to do with my time and how to do certain tasks. It would be interesting to see how the world would function without technology for a day. (Dimitry)

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Technology !

Asking Questions: Eliezer Romero & Johnny Davila

1. How do you use technology in your daily life?
2. What would life be to you without technology in your opinion?
3. If you had to decide between technology and nature, what would it be and why?

Answering Questions: Jesmarly Espinal

1. I use technology to communicate and interact with others. I rely on technology in many ways.
2. Life without technology to me will be a disaster. Technology is important. Without technology I wont be able to communicate or interact with others.
3. If I had to decide between technology and nature it would be nature because of technology you can lose a lot of experience throughout the world. Technology is used a lot by many people but the more people spend on technology the less time they experience the world in person. Technology is taking power over nature that is what I believe.

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The Influence of technology on modern life

How do you use technology to create plans for the day? (Romi)
I mainly use technology to talk to my friends online and to meet up with them at a certain location. (Jordan)

How do you think technology has impacted social lives? (Thompson)
Technology has helped improve my social live by connecting with friends that are in different countries or towns. (Jordan)

Does technology make your life easier or harder and how? (Romi)
Technology for the most does help make my life easier. One of the ways is that it makes it much easier to research projects as well as obtain information on events. (Jordan)

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Q & A – digital media


1. What would your life be without social networking?
2. How many times do you use a social networking site in your everyday life and why?
3. How would you feel if you woke up in a time period where there was no technology?


1. Without social networking would be extremely boring. I wouldn’t be able to meet people in different areas, I would be restricted to only knowing people in my town.
2. During my everyday life, I am constantly on a social networking site. Whether its tumblr, instagram, twitter or facebook I am always in touch with my friends and family.
3. If I woke up in a time period with no technology I would feel lost. Wouldn’t know how to function, because my whole life is surrounded by the internet.

People who made the questions up: Carolina, Mary, Yavonne

Person who answered: Bria

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