What I learned…

In Composition and New Media, I have learned a lot. The one thing that really amazed me were podcasts because I learned what they were and I’ve heard of it before but never knew what it was. Podcasts are very interesting; they don’t have a video or nothing to watch because it’s just an audio. It’s pretty much like if you were listening to a story on a radio. I learned that there were programs where you can edit audios, like delete parts you don’t like or mix some things up. I liked learning about it, now I have some background of podcasts and this will probably be useful for future projects I might do.


What I Learned :) !

I gained many good things in this course. I learned things that i never knew existed and they turned out to be very interesting. I learned how to use Audacity which helped with audio and editing the audio. I also learned about Final Cut that helped me learn how to cut videos and add parts. This class has taught me a lot and  gained a lot from this course and I also had fun making a Podcast. I Enjoyed It ! (:

Podcasts – A New Media

Before taking Composition and New Media I had no idea what a podcast was, I would always see it in in iTunes but I never knew what it was supposed to do. In this class I learned that a Podcast is a type of audio digital media that anyone can use to get their ideas and opinions on different topics out there. I learned how to take an audio recording and how to fix it or add more things, like music, to my liking. It was a very interesting experience, one that I never expected but enjoyed either way.

What I gained f…


What I gained from this class are the skills to use programs such as Audacity, WordPress, and Final Cut Pro. I enjoyed learning how to edit videos and making podcast independently. This class in my opinion was very helpful, useful, and educational when it comes to “digital media”.

Final Cut

During this class I learned many things. I learned how to use Final Cut. It was fun to be able to cut and edit audios and videos and add special effects to them. I learned how to input audio and video into Final Cut and I was able to move the audios and videos around and cut them. I was also able to add effects and put transitions between audio and videos.